Food Evolution

Sep 27, 2018


Meet Marcus, the head chef of Uncle Kiisu.




These three words come to mind whenever Uncle Kiisu’s head chef, Marcus is mentioned.

Back then, he never thought he would become a chef. Just like some of us, food to him was plainly a form of sustenance. His mentality, however, changed when he first ventured into the food industry. The boundless possibilities and limitless space for creativity captured his heart. This eventually led Marcus to leaving his course of study in Engineering to pursue a 3 year culinary course, in dreams of creating tantalising fusion cuisines to portray the whimsical nature of food.

Marcus’ inspiration for fusion came about when he reminisced the taste of his mother’s cooking. Relentlessly pushing the boundaries of food, Marcus took a gamble to creating fusion dishes, leading to his success in the food industry.

Local cuisine has always been his keen area of exploration. To him, food is a like a marker and a blank canvas where he could curate anything that comes to his mind. This never ending road of innovation allowed him to connect his customers back to their roots while birthing a whole new dimension of taste. He began adding ingenious twists to common european dishes such as risotto, where he uses spring onion pesto in place of conventional animal stock. Chancing upon Uncle Kiisu gave him the opportunity to further dive into the vast world of asian cuisine.

At Uncle Kiisu, Marcus began exploring the fusion between Japanese and Peranakan cuisine and culture. The dishes not only appealed to the customers visual interest, but also to their picky taste buds. The challenge of fusing the stereotypical “rustic” Peranakan cuisines and Japanese cuisines was definitely not a smooth sail, but through Marcus’ creativity and exceptional culinary skills, he managed to successfully curate a menu that features his mouth watering #rockinggreatfood at Uncle Kiisu.

The menu consists of a wide array of fusion dishes, skillfully plated to instill artistic value into each dish. Marcus saw food as an opportunity for evolution; evolution of how food can be cooked, evolution of how food can served, evolution of how food can be seen beyond its calorie content; convincing people to change their perception of food and view it as #calorieswellworthit.

Generations change, and so does food preferences. In our metropolis city, we are continuously influenced by different cultures. This gives rise to new expectations to our ever changing flavour profiles. Uncle Kiisu understands this. Hence you can expect food that goes beyond your imaginations and expectations as they aim to adapt to this ever evolving food preferences to bring to you fresh flavours like never before. The limitless boundaries to creation drives them to constantly create and innovate food.

Enjoy his whimsical take on food in Uncle Kiisu’s menu, featuring the mouth-watering #BellyRollMee, lip-smacking #KuroGorudoRamen, and the magical #MythicalChawanmushi.

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